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    Change – Making it Better

    Our lives are like a stone thrown into a lake. We create ripples that change everything around us. How can we act in a way that will create positive results around us and in us?

    1. Talk about what’s going on to relieve stress.
    2. Going into a trying situation? Decide to practice patience before you start, then take a deep breath and dive in.
    3. Ask for what you need. As much as we would like, mindreading is not most people’s strong point!
    4. Do a kind something for another daily.
    5. Remember what you’re thankful for and express it.
    6. Smiles are contagious, be a carrier.

    This is not to say that change is not difficult. There is always work involved with adjusting to something new. Here are some antidotes for dealing with those difficulties.

    Difficulty:   Feeling confused about the unknown


    • Explore the change and look for the benefits.
    • Do something to relax.

    Difficulty:  Feeling a lack of control


    • Get involved in making the change.

    Difficulty:  Feeling worried


    • Do something to Relax.

    Resolve to create change instead of being changed by the world. The guided meditation “Flute Lights” or “Forest Walk may assist you in being part of change. 

    And finally, don’t panic. Change brings new choices and opportunities.

    [Banner image attribution: Killy Ridols, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]