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    Why Adults Need Play

    Here are some reasons for adults to play:

    • Build Brain Power: problem solving, and strength & flexibility
    • Learn about Emotions (Yours and Others)
    • Build Better Social Skills
    • Feel Better: about yourself, about others, about the world
    • Reduce Stress Levels
    • It’s FUN and JOYFUL!!

    And, here are some ideas for how to play:

    • Try out all those buttons, tiles, or links in the software you use.
    • Don’t let your children have all the fun – Join In!
    • Pick some new hobbies or restart some old ones.
    • Go to a park and use the swings.
    • Read the comics or a joke book.
    • Try some coloring or use play dough.

    Take a little time and have some fun today. It’s good for you!