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  • How Important is the Relationship

    We all need to acknowledge our part in arguments/fights with others. It can be a struggle with our own ego to do so.

    Apologizing means accepting responsibility for our part, small or large, without equivocation or explanation or excuse.

    Apologizing means understanding and acknowledging our part and how it affected the other, and expressing that.

    Finally, an apology is only an apology if we commit to change or adjust our behaviors as well as make amends.

    Here is an example:
    I realize I played a part in our falling out yesterday. I was inattentive to the stress you were feeling and never stopped to ask and listen to what was burdening you. You must have felt alone and unappreciated with that huge weight on your shoulders when I should have been helping shoulder the load. I’m sorry to have left you alone to deal with it all. I intend to pay more attention and prioritize time to check in with you so you don’t have to face anything like that alone again. Please forgive me and allow me to try again.

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