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    Groups are generally Expressive Arts based. The groups here are offered regularly when there are enough interested clients.

    I do offer other groups for kids based on interest, such as ‘How To Be Angry,’ ‘Friendship and Other Weapons,’ and ‘Healing Heart Wounds.’ Currently under development is a group titled ‘(Un)Broken.’ I am also able to develop groups for specific needs.

    Current Group

    Don’t miss this opportunity for your teen to increase their confidence and social skills by joining this Table Top Role Playing Group (TTRPG).

    Group members will create a woodland animal character and then, as their new character, take part in a quest that will teach them how to seek support from their peers, work with others, try on new skills, delegate and improve their interpersonal skills.

    The group will meet on Saturdays @ 2p. Each session will be 90 minutes. The group will start after all participants have had an individual intake session to assess suitability and answer questions. The group is limited to 4 to 6 members.

    Youth Groups

    The Art of Friendship

    This group is designed for girls in grades five through seven (ages 10-12) and focuses on social interactions. Some interrelated key areas that will be addressed include friendship, self-esteem, respect, and bullying. It will be an eight session closed group and can handle up to eight girls.

    Successful Freedom

    This group is for HS Seniors, boys and girls, and aims to aid them in handling their busy, and often stressful, last year and prepare them emotionally for leaving home and being on their own. This group is shorter and lasts only six sessions. This group can take 10 participants.

    Standing Out & Fitting In

    This group is meant for high school girls ages 14-16. Focus areas include emotional health, self-definition and self-image, as well as building confidence. The group allows up to eight girls for eight sessions.

    High School is In the Bag

    This group is designed for girls who will be HS Freshmen next year (age 13). The focus of this group is transitions and anxiety around starting HS. This is also an eight session group for up to eight girls.

    Personal Purpose Series

    Defining Your Core Self

    In this first adult group, focus will be on digging into your personal values and traits. At the end of the group you will be able to complete a succinct meaningful definitions statement of who you are. This group uses a creative approach through art and discussion over four sessions.

    Finding Your Life Purpose

    This second adult group will build on the first to deepen your understanding and learn how to apply your unique personality to life. At the end of the group you will be able to write a personal life mission statement for yourself. This group uses a creative approach through art and discussion over eight sessions.

    Fulfilling Purposeful Goals

    The final adult group will look at how to define, set, and accomplish goals that are in alignment with what you’ve built over the past two groups. You will end this journey with meaningful goals and a plan for fulfilling them. This creative group will run for eight sessions.